LBB Soy Candle of the Month

LBB Soy Candle of the Month 

The Candle of the Month Club is a gift they’ll enjoy time and time again! Each month we’ll deliver our 21 oz signature La Bella Basket Large Scented Jar Candle. Our candles are made with environmentally friendly premium natural soy wax to help prevent your rich candle color from fading. They are highly fragranced from top to bottom so that the last burn is as fragrant as the first. Also made with 2 lead free wicks and eco safe dyes. 

Price: $19.99 a month plus $7.99 Shipping
Ships from IN
24-48 processing orders 
and 2 -5 for delivery

2019 Candle Selection
January Candle – Cinnamon Apple 
February Candle -Jamaican Me Crazy
March Candle – Honeysuckle Jasmine
April Candle – Raindrops
May Candle – Fresh Linen
June Candle – Fresh Picked Straeberries
July Candle – Cotton Candy
August Candle – Fresh Linen
September Candle – French Vanilla
October Candle – Pumpkin Latte
November Candle – Black Raspberry Vanilla
December Candle – Christmas Party
Holiday Candles fragrance can vary when the new holiday aromas come out.
Item Information
Throughout time candles have been used to soothe the soul, invigorate the senses and celebrate life. Our Candle of the Month Club will give you all of this and more. Offer someone the comfort and warmth of fragrant, glowing candles each month when you sign them up to our Candle of the Month Club. They will experience soft scents of fruit and flowers, sentimental aromas of herbs and spices, the clean fresh fragrances of nature and delicious bakery aromas of the holiday season.

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