Logo cookies!

Imagine your name, logo or picture in food-safe ink printed directly to a sweetly glazed butter square cookie. Each 3-inch cookie comes individually bagged and boxed in sets of twelve with a gift bow.

Why send personalized cookie gifts from La Bella Baskets?

Be more original than handing out pens with your logo on them.

Perfect for meetings, events, and even holiday gifts for your favorite clients.

The Logos and Photos are printed directly onto the cookie so there is no other substrate between the image and the cookie.

Grab the attention of potential clients and make them remember you.

What better way to be memorable than giving someone a cookie because who doesn’t love cookies?

With direct print there is no flavor or texture change, all you get is a delicious cookie.

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ToyoufromTaylor with Labella baskets and gifts💜🌸

Gift basket business

Start your own gift boutique for just $5 this month only! This is an awesome opportunity for you to be your own boss. Build residual income and even profit from the gifts you buy for yourself. Everyone buys gifts for many occasions. Why not buy from you? Visit my site and get in contact with me today.

ToyoufromTaylor with Labella Baskets and Gifts.💜🌸

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Don’t cry over spilled milk

Celebrated on 2/11

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day celebrates this proverb that has been around since the 1600s. British historian and writer James Howell penned “No weeping for shed milk” back in 1659. It basically means don’t sweat the small stuff. Nothing beneficial can come out of crying over a little problem like spilled milk. Just clean it up and move on. This holiday that reminds us to get over it. Whatever setbacks, or unlucky breaks, we’ve had are in the past and what matters is the future. Use today to wipe up the spilled milk in your life and move on.

ToyoufromTaylor 💜🌸

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Umbrella day

Umbrella Day is a day to celebrate the little invention that keeps the rain drops from falling on our heads. The umbrella has been used in many different cultures throughout history for over 4000 years. The umbrella was developed for protection from the rain and to shade from the sun. The umbrella is still used in the same ways today, but can also be used in photography to manipulate lighting. The word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra meaning shade, so today if it rains or the sun is shining get out your favorite umbrella to commemorate this historic invention.

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